The power behind CollectorZoo is a direct result of the partnerships we make with industry leaders. In turn, we promote their brand to a niche segment of the collectibles market, offer quick entry to non-core technology applications like social media, and allow them to keep their finger on the pulse of their customers. All of our partnerships are designed to successfully increase their sales and grow their customer base.

Partnership categories:

Category Content Partners

We assist companies that manufacture or supply items considered collectible with the management of their structured data lifecycle. We deliver that data around the world to collectors of their products. This data and accurate reporting increases the legitimacy and collectability of their products. This process also gives CollectorZoo the ability to deliver additional targeted messages to increase sales or drive collectors into retail stores. CollectorZoo supplies the programs that will enhance their customers buying experience and supply our subscribers with the information and content they need to manage their inventory of collectibles.

Retailers, Online Shops, and Brick and Mortar Shops

Any business who has an active inventory of collectibles or has an item that could be considered collectible should consider what we have to offer.  Businesses like; Major League Sports Teams, Gift Companies, Pubs, Toy Manufacturers, Antique Shops, Collector Clubs, Vineyards, DieCast Companies and more, can gain valuable exposure to their products by including their inventory on CollectorZoo. Our tools are designed to keep collectors coming back to review your products time and time again.

Collector Clubs & Associations

Every collector is unique but each shares a passion for collecting. It’s passion that drives collectors to join clubs and/or associations. CollectorZoo supports organizations through cross-promotion of our services and your organization—to our common customer—the collector. If you’re looking to add value to your members through a leading social media platform, e-commerce, or one of our forums, contact us today. We are currently partnering with businesses that seek early entry into CollectorZoo.

Partnership benefits:

Promotes Data Consistency, Authentication, and Retains

We often find that collector items go by many different names. Our sophisticated one-of-a-kind Inventory Management Tools instantly identify a collector’s complete inventory. This is accomplished by calling upon our relationships with the companies that manufacture the products—insuring that there is no question as to the authenticity of each item.

TalkShop™ Social Network

Join our worldwide network of collectors. The choice is yours. Select only the categories of items you collect and/or connect with other collectors in unrelated categories. You can follow items of interest; even promote your collectibles on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media platform.

Mobile Application (Carry Your Collection™ )

With our Carry Your Collection mobile technology, you can have your collections with you at all times. Imagine being at a trade show, winery, favorite sports venue, or just sitting around the dinner table with friends talking about your most prized collectible.

Collection Inventory Management System

We bring Change of Custody tracking, Certificates of Authenticity imaging storage, and highlight important market changes. Get local news, valuation, reporting, and more from our one-of-a-kind Inventory Management System. Manage, file, price, and even sell your collection with the click of your mouse. It’s easy.

Support for Brick and Mortar Shops

Other online sites would rather you buy from them—instead of the wonderful nostalgic “mom and pop shops” you once frequented. At CollectorZoo we value the local relationships with the people who got you interested in collecting in the first place. We’re giving these shops and their collectors’ access to the largest collectible database on the Internet today.

Acquire & Retain Customers

Since many companies already have customers with warehoused inventory, many of them are partnering with us to provide quick entry into social media, inventory control, and mobile applications for their customers. Utilizing our products and services are critical for companies to stay competitive these days.

The power behind comes from our partners. In turn we promote your brand to a niche segment of the collector market.

We are surrounding ourselves with businesses who want early entry into the many features of the tools we provide.

Exclusive category rights, key placement of advertising, zero commissions, customization rights, and more.