Collection Valuation Tools

Your collection starts working by creating instant wealth for you from the moment you enter your first item. Imagine taking all the collectibles that are in your garage, attic or closet and finding out what they’re really worth. Sit back and watch the value change daily, monthly, or as often as you’d like. No longer do you have to search sites that have unrealistic asking prices. We have the tools to keep a tally of the entire net worth of your collection. Watch it update each time you logon.

TalkShop™ Social Network

Join our worldwide network of collectors. The choice is yours. Select only the categories of items you collect and/or connect with other collectors in unrelated categories. You can follow items of interest; even promote your collectibles on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media platform.

Mobile Application (Carry Your Collection™ )

With our Carry Your Collection mobile technology, you can have your collections with you at all times. Imagine being at a trade show, winery, favorite sports venue, or just sitting around the dinner table with friends talking about your most prized collectible.

Collection Inventory Management System

Do you manage your stocks with online tools from a brokerage house or bank? Imagine bringing the same capabilities to your collection. Get local news, valuation tools, reporting, and more from our one-of-a-kind Inventory Management System. Manage, file, price, and even sell your collection with the click of a computer mouse. It’s easy.

Marketplace Listings

You are in the drivers seat – whether or not you choose to accept offers for your collectibles. There is no bidding, no time limits, no pressure. When you are ready you can decide to forward a portion or your entire collection to our Marketplace to let the world know you are ready to sell those cherished items.

Support Brick and Mortar Shops

Other online sites would rather you buy directly from them—instead of the wonderful nostalgic “mom and pop shops” you once frequented. At CollectorZoo we value the local relationships with the people who first got you interested in collecting. We’re giving these shops and their collectors’ access to the largest collectible database on the Internet today.

Search Engine

Find the items you’re looking for with our unique search engine. Built by fellow collectors for fellow collectors. Go ahead and search by category, collector, genre, location, age of item, or any other criteria that’s important to you.