Collectibles for Charity

Collectibles for Charity“I firmly believe that everyone would give if they could.  Research tells us that at one point in almost everyone’s life they have collected something.  We provide a venue for Collectors all over the world to give back in any economic climate.”

- William G. Hatzichristos, Founder CollectorShop, LLC

Collectibles for Charity through a partnership with CollectorShop, LLC, provides collectors around the world a venue to donate their collectibles to a charity of their choice.  They can do this through a free membership to CollectorShop.  With our help, any item in their collection can be donated to a charitable organization to be used in fund raising events or they can simply send the proceeds from its sale.

Anyone has access to the CollectorShop inventory including large corporations, local businesses, girl scouts, or little league teams.  Anyone can give back and Collectibles for Charity and CollectorShop can help.  We created three programs to choose from; Collectors Give™, company match, or CollectorShop Gives™.

Contact Chris Nehlen today to learn more about Collectibles for Charity.